Contemporary Expressive Visual Fine Arts Artist

Phew!, That's a mouthful!

Whatever happened to just being an Artist?

In today's world being an Artist just doesn't mean the same thing anymore. We all know someone who is an Artist, but what type of art do they practice? Are they a Painter, Sculptor, Do they use a mix of different mediums or do they stick with just one? Do they paint only one way or do they vary in their styles or practices? At times Artist's don't know or understand how they can fit in or stand out in the Art world. Categorizing your Art style is important. If your a Surrealist, Expressionist, Abstract, Impressionist, Cubist, Representational or Figurative Artist, finding your niche is increasingly difficult as Art continues to progress to new levels. So what can you do to categorize your craft, focus your efforts and unleash your passion in your art?

This is a question so many Artist's have a hard time deciphering. Artist's, do not want to be confined as having only one particular style. Why? Artist's are eclectic, ever changing, the mad scientist's sort to speak. Their likes, ideas, inner contemplations and insecurities play havoc in their mind and sometimes are revealed in their works or suppressed. Mainstreaming your Art and packaging it in a neat little package so people can pick out your Art is Very important. Your Art and Who you are is what makes you stand out and become Marketable and unique. Marketing is an important part of being a successful Artist. Curators and Art Critic's will always look for a consistent style in order to keep an Artist on their must have list. In here is the rub, many Artist's find it exceedingly difficult to mainstream their Art 100% of the time. Yes they have their signature pieces but there is only so many ways that they can paint the same thing or their ADHD kicks in and before you know it they are painting a Clown holding a pencil in the air while sitting on top of a Zeppelin, circumnavigating the globe. Get my drift?  Artist's are Artist's, yes they have their styles but they also have fun and enjoy letting go. That's how they keep a style current and vibrant. In order for you to keep from tiring out, becoming stale or over complicating your work, keep it fun. Narrowing down your style, Your brand is not easy but at least if you can give yourself the liberty to doodle in another style from time to time, Narrowing your focus to one specific style starts to get easier and more rewarding. So what kind of Artist are You? What is your Style? What are you at home with? Is there a new movement coming to the Art world? I hope so! The world needs a new Movement, the movement of You!

Paint like your Heart was on fire and your soul is the brush!

Inspiring new highs in the Art scene.

-Crystal Dombrosky

Crystal Dombrosky