Crystal Dombrosky
Crystal Dombrosky Contemporary Expressive Fine Art Painter
“Hamsa Delight” by Crystal Dombrosky

Abstract Fluid Painting

Creating Fluid Artwork for me releases my mind to feel and respond to color in new exciting ways. Experimenting with different color combinations plays with the emotions and senses and directly affects the subconscious in various ways. They can Inspire visions, enhance moods and can be instrumental in creating positive environments. -Crystal Dombrosky

“Hamsa Delight” by Crystal Dombrosky

“Hamsa Delight” by Crystal Dombrosky

36” x 36” x 1.5” Mixed Media Acrylic Fluid Pour Abstract. Acrylic, Precious Metals and Resin. ©️Copyright 2018 Crystal Dombrosky. All Rights Reserved.



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